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I'm siiick.

I've been sick for about two weeks with a cold and this is the third time I've left work early. Ugh. I hate burning through my sick leave, even though I have plenty; I just like the idea of hoarding them to the point where I could take two straight months off work if I wanted to. And I think I'm just not getting better because everyone else around me is sick too, especially the childrens who don't know how to not cough and sneeze directly on other people. Pleh.

Now I am at home in sweatpants (cue Karl Lagerfeld: "Sweatpants are a sign of defeat. You lost control of your life so you bought some sweatpants" LOL) and watching The Princess Bride, the movie that still holds up even on one's thirty-ninth viewing.

Last weekend [ profile] sarea_okelani and I went to see The King, a Korean movie about the 1% in politics in the 1990s -- a subsection of prosecutors who game the system so they can live in luxury. Though we were both impressed that it managed to make it all the way up here (and not even just LA and New York), and my current one true love Ryu Junyeol is beautiful and effective in it, it was, unlike The Princess Bride, not a great movie.

Far too little time was spent on the actual set-up, so that when friendships were torn asunder, power snatched away, redemptions scored, etc., etc., it all felt way too hollow. It was like the movie was saying, "There are definitely stakes! They are high! We won't show you what they are, but trust us, they're totally there!" I could see what the movie wanted to be, but it ended up focusing more on being slick than emotionally resonant. It also showed us that Cho Insung cannot play below his age. He's a good-looking man for sure, but oh boy, passing him off as his eighteen year old self in flashbacks required more suspension of disbelief than when Jupiter Rising claimed "bees recognize royalty."

But hey, I got to see Ryu Junyeol on the big screen, we learned a Korean swear word, and it was fun playing the "hey, I know that guy from X!" game with a few of the supporting characters. I always enjoy Sung Dongil (the main dad, multiple times, in the Reply series), even when he's selling shampoo on TV singing the jingle "shampoo thoroughly, otherwise your hair will fall out." He's such a cute old man.

I've also watched the last series of Sherlock, finally. Hate is too strong a word for how I felt about it, but not too far either. From where it started (The Blind Banker notwithstanding because that was the worst episode not just of the series but of much of television in general) to how it ended up, I feel like the show became an overblown, preening, self-congratulatory version of itself. The final episode was nothing more than an hour plus of torture porn with plotholes so big they might have been able to contain Eurus better than Sherrinford itself. Anyway, it's probably a good thing S4 is likely its last. Farewell, Sherlock, you were great, once.
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