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Jul. 9th, 2014 08:07 pm
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Ugh, matches decided by penalties are the worst. NEDvARG )

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Our intrepid Portland adventures continue! Here's PART I in case you missed the massive amounts of food we crammed down our gullets the first two days.

So. Much. Food. )

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Get ready for food porn, friends; [profile] sarea_okelani, [personal profile] slitherhither, and I just got back last weekend from eating all the things in Portland. On this trip, we discovered that, contrary to popular belief, our stomachs are not limitless chasms. Portland totally broke us, and we still have yet to fully recover. As Sarea noted, it feels like my stomach has a bandage on and is just limping along with a little crutch. But let's start at the beginning, which, as you may recall, is a very good place to start.

With thanks to Sarea for coding all the pictures for me... )

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Oof, this Daylight Saving is a bear. I guess it's nice that it's not pitch black at 5:30 in the evening anymore; on the flip side, getting up this morning was a damned chore. Haven't we, as a society, outgrown Daylight Saving? Let it go, I say. Just let it go.

Relatedly, here is a video on How to Get Out of Bed. It speaks to the very depths of my soul.

This next one was shared by [livejournal.com profile] sarea_okelani; it's a Bad Lip Reading of NFL players/coaches. I've seen this thing at least eight times now, and it's still hysterical every time. Just thinking about some of the little overdubs makes me giggle.

They crushed his fuzzy cape!

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Happy new year, everybody! Let's ring it in (a couple days late, whatever) with a hysterical Funny or Die video that I couldn't figure out how to embed, shall we? Especially good for Downton Abbey fans. :)))

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NaBloPoMo, Day 30. Hey, we made it to the end of November! Whaaat.

I can't remember what the last NaBloPoMo question is, nobody has posted yet for me to copy & paste the question from, and I am obviously too lazy to find the meme, but I think it had something to do with posting a funny thing, so: Buzzfeed asks their UK office to label US states.

In all honesty, they do a hell of a lot better than I think most Americans would (and Americans are also terrible at Europe). But just to be clear, there is no state called Squaresies. :)

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NaBloPoMo, Day 29: 29. What movie, book, or TV episode makes you cry without fail? (Or get wibbly, if you're not a crier.)

I'm definitely a crier. Pretty much everything makes me cry. But if I had to pick one, I'm going with the first fifteen minutes of Up. Yeah, you know what I'm talking about. I've seen that movie maybe four or five times, and it gets me every single time. Super ugly crying, SO UGLY. Sometimes even just thinking about the musical score makes me wibbly. (Basically, I'm a mess.)

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Gather round, children. Grab a chair, get comfortable. I'm going to talk about One Direction's new album, Midnight Memories, officially out today.

First, can I just say, the boys co-wrote almost the entire thing? I am full to bursting with all the proud mother feels.

The album: Is pretty damn good. It has a much more contemporary, adult sound, alternately indie pop/rock and '80s-influenced rock. There are a few missteps that run a little too saccharine or boisterous for my tastes (but as I came out of the womb fully formed as a crotchety old woman, I am heavily biased against any song about being young and doing whatever the hell you want, because I always feel like those things should come with a caveat of as long as you don't hurt, disrespect or otherwise inconvenience someone else in the process. Yeah, that would make an excellent pop song; somebody get on it), but overall, it's a pretty brilliant showcase for what they're capable of: solid songwriting, rich harmonies, emotional gravity.

Story of My Life remains the best track I've ever heard from them, but I've expounded on that one endlessly, so here are three of my other favourites from the album:

Happily. Co-written by Harry, this (or perhaps Through the Dark) should have been their third single instead of the lacklustre, cloying Diana. It starts off with a quick, folksy vibe and builds to a wonderfully, rousingly anthemic chorus, the kind that makes you want to stomp your feet to the beat and sing at the top of your lungs with your friends in the car with the top down and every other cliche of joyous abandon.

Something Great. Also co-written by Harry (I sense a theme forming*). This one's almost purely visceral for me. I have a hard time articulating what it is about this song that just gets me. The first time I heard it, it made my insides twist hopeful and melancholy at the same time, and any song that can elicit that kind of reaction gets a thumbs up from me.

Half a Heart. Sometimes songs can make me fall in love with or loathe their entirety because of a single line, and Half a Heart happily lands smack in the former camp. It's this: Being here without you is like I'm waking up to only half a blue sky, kinda there but not quite, which perfectly encapsulates the feeling of missing someone when you're all cried out, and all that's left is so dulled that, just like you, nothing else in the world seems whole.

*And if you enjoyed the songs Harry wrote, you might also like his Don't Let Me Go, which leaked as a demo some months back, but didn't make the album for reasons that elude me.

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NaBloPoMo, Day 20: Who is your favourite sidekick?

Ron Weasley popped into my head first, so I'll go with him. Constantly overlooked, loyal to his bones, and, of course, has the emotional range of a teaspoon. ♥

IT IS SO COLD. I hates winter. And it's not even winter yet. Gaaar.

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NaBloPoMo, Day 19: What about fandom drives you crazy sometimes?

Bullying, over anything, in any form. Fandom is often terrific fun because everyone's so passionate, but sometimes that passion runs over into belligerence. Fandom's big enough for everyone to like what they like and ship what they ship without it all devolving into sniping and asshattery, no?

In other news, I keep feeling like this week should be Thanksgiving week. I'm so sleeepy. Those two statements were related somehow, in my brain.

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I just realized that November 23rd is simultaneously 1D Day, The Day of the Doctor day and the day I am going to see Catching Fire. *head asplodes*

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Went to a late IMAX showing of Ender's Game last night with [livejournal.com profile] sarea_okelani. I liked it, with reservations. Spoilers within, obvs.

I want you to try things that no one has ever tried because they're absolutely stupid )

OMG, One Direction's album just got leaked a week early. *flails* I won't talk about it; I know I've been yakking about them on here excessively. Eeee.

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NaBloPoMo, Day 16: What are your favorite doomed ships? Ships that never were? Canon ships?

Doomed ships:
- Buffy/Spike (BtVS): Does this count? They were canon for a spell, but then things happened, including the series finale. I don't know, is there hope for them in the comics that I've never read? And then again there's the whole vampire/human problem, where he lives forever and she's obviously going to grow old and die someday, barring her being turned, which she'd never allow. So, yeah. Pretty doomy, I think.

Ships that never were: Oh, so many. So, so many...
- Draco/Ginny (HP): It probably never crossed JK Rowling's mind ever, what with Harry/Ginny as endgame and the continued isolation of Slytherin and all that epilogue nonsense.
- Merlin/Arthur (Merlin): Remember the massive fucking up of almost all the characters and relationships to make sure these two didn't come across as teh gay? Yeah, good times. Gosh, I hold grudges well.
- Veronica/Weevil (VM): SO MUCH POTENTIAL and then Logan came into play and there was no turning back. I'm totally cool with the LoVe ship, actually, but I think WeeVer would have been so explosively good.
- Alt!Livia/Alt!Lincoln (Fringe): Well, one of them died, so... It's nice that a version of them got to be canon, but I have mixed feelings on how it all came about, and Alt!Lincoln was the best of all possible Lincolns. I really miss the alt!universe...

Canon ships:
- FitzSimmons (AoS): They're not quite there yet, but I'm 95% sure we're headed very firmly in that direction. The other 5% is if one of them gets killed off first. (How stinking adorable was Simmons in the last episode, btw? "No! I can't be a part of your bad girl shenanigans. I like following the rules and doing what's expected of me. It makes me feel nice!")

I'm sure the rest of you will remind me of ones I've forgotten, too!

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NaBloPoMo, Day 15: We're halfway there and it's a Friday! Just pimp something you've made and/or written. (And if you haven't written/made anything, pimp something from someone else that you love!)

I was sitting here thinking and thinking about what things I've written, and it legitimately took me at least ten minutes to remember that I wrote this novel last year. Srsly, you guys, I'm the worst at this.

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NaBloPoMo, Day 13: Post a photo that you love.

 photo ducks_zps2a90c34d.jpg


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NaBloPoMo, Day 11: What movie are you most looking forward to this holiday season? (Link to a trailer so we can experience the impending awesomeness too!)

I'm super excited for Catching Fire! The first film seems like so long ago... I wish I had time to reread the book(s) before seeing the movie though; I think I need a little refresher.

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NaBloPomo, Day 10! What's your favorite new Fall 2013 TV show? (If fic exists, share your favorites!)

I do enjoy the Sleepy Hollow. Its premise sounds kinda dumb, I'll give you that, which is why I hadn't intended on watching it in the beginning. But then I kept hearing good things about it, and nothing but good things, so I gave it a shot.

One of the best things about it is the interaction between the two leads. They have fantastic chemistry, and not necessarily in a shippy way either. Not that there's anything wrong with shipping them (and I'm pretty sure the writers are steering them in that direction); there's plenty of fodder for that, but I'm happy with how their friendship and trust strengthens from week to week without throwing romance into the mix just yet.

Also good? That the female lead is fiercely independent and intelligent. She doesn't apologize for kicking ass and taking names, or for having moments of vulnerability. I quite love her.

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All hail the weekend! I gave myself the day off, didn't set the alarm, and didn't do anything school-related except pay my membership dues for our professional association. Tomorrow I shall hunker down and try to power through some journal articles and, with [livejournal.com profile] slitherhither's help, hopefully not tear my hair out over it. Fingers crossed!

I also made chocolate chip cookies this afternoon. Bad idea, I've already had four...

NaBloPoMo question: Who is your favorite villain? I'm having a very tough time with this one! I'm tempted to say Draco, but he wasn't, really. So I will shamelessly steal [livejournal.com profile] jandjsalmon's pick of Sherlock's Moriarty. I mean, that one's pretty difficult to argue, right?

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Have to get this post in before I fall asleep! So, so, so tired. Glad this week is over.

My answer to today's NaBloPoMo question is super boring, because I don't really listen to any specific music when I'm writing. Once in a while I find a song that fits a scene I'm working on, but otherwise if I listen to music at all when writing, it's usually whatever I'm generally into at the time. So right now that means Story of My Life, which iTunes helpfully tells me I've listened to 239 times. Obsessive tendencies, ask me how. (Especially you, [livejournal.com profile] gealach_ros. Eeheehee.)

Also! My Veronica Mars Kickstarter t-shirt has finally arrived! EXCITE.

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Oh man, I have an exam tomorrow, and I've been studying for three days, but nothing is sticking. My brain is made of rubber this week. Maybe I'll just stamp my icon onto every question on the test. If it's good enough for Lucille Bluth...

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