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I just realized that November 23rd is simultaneously 1D Day, The Day of the Doctor day and the day I am going to see Catching Fire. *head asplodes*

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Dear people of the internet (and also occasionally of real life),

The term for Japanese ritual suicide is harakiri. Please note how it is not homonymous with the name of the legendary Chicago baseball announcer.

Thank you, and have a nice day.

This message brought to you by the Cranky Old Women's Foundation for Grammatical Persnicketiness.

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Totally blowing my wad here with all my fancy new shiny Christmas icons on every post. But this one's actually related to the content of the post! Just a PSA for Doctor Who fans who may not be in the know. Which you probably all are, because everyone's better at the internet than me. (Except my mother, who recently asked me to help her get on Facebook and friended me and then went and read all my wall posts and things, and it weirded me out a tiny little bit.)


Next week's episode of Never Mind The Buzzcocks (Dec 16, 10pm on BBC2) is going to be a Doctor Who special, with David Tennant hosting, and Catherine Tate and Bernard Cribbins (Donna Noble's awesome grandfather Wilf) as participants and holy crap I'm excited for this. I love it when my favourite things collide.

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Nerds. I accidentally got addicted to Restaurant City on Facebook. Haaalp.

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