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Title: Truth be told
Summary: Louis wishes a lot of things.
Pairing: Harry/Louis
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 571
Notes: Well, I wrote 1D fic. This is my life now. Thank you to [ profile] accordingtomel for looking this over, and for getting me into 1D in the first place. (And by thank you, I mean curse you, bb. ♥)


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Found this while rummaging around in my Googledocs yesterday; I'd written it about six months ago and then never posted it because some massive amounts of cheese got all up in the dialogue, ew. So, anyway, I cleaned it up a bit, and now I have a shiny little Uther POV drabble to share (may still contain trace amounts of cheese).

Title: To Be King
Rating: PG
Summary: Uther reflects.
Notes: Post-S1; allusions to Merlin/Arthur relationship.

They are thick as thieves when they think no one is watching, though Uther always is )

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Title: Diamond Dust (Vacuumed From Out of My Lungs)
Rating: PG
Summary: In which Arthur ~*sparkles*~
Notes: Originally written as comment!fic for [ profile] accordingtomel, inspired by a short discussion on the works of Stephenie Meyer, and garnished with a light sprinkling of crack. Title rearranged from Arrested Development 2x02.


Sometimes I doubt your committment to Sparkle Motion )

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Title: Trust Me, I'm A Physician's Apprentice
Rating: PG
Summary: Arthur irritates Merlin into dispensing some sound medical advice.
Notes: Originally written for [ profile] the_muppet, who is awesome.

Take two aspirin and call me in the morning )
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Originally written as comment!fic for [personal profile] the_muppet, this is speculation about what the boys will be doing instead of attending Expo this month. Composed entirely of silly fluff and contains not a shred of truth.


Untitled )

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I think all the Merlin fans on my f-list know Colin was taken to hospital a couple days ago but thankfully came out okay, though I still feel a little anxious about him and need him to be well taken care of, hence today's drive-by drabble. Thank you to [personal profile] the_muppetfor not looking at me funny when I foisted this on her without warning. :)

Untitled )

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A few months ago I banged out what was supposed to be a sequel to Conflict Resolution. Nine and a half chapters later, I sent it to [ profile] xalexandriam, who very kindly betaed it for me, after which I decided I hated the whole thing and abandoned it. (Thankfully she was super cool about it and did not throttle me for making her do all that work for nothing.) Anyway, it's not going to see the light of day, but I thought one scene could be salvaged for a drabble, so here it is. 


In which Molly meddles )
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Whoop, I haven't posted for a while, eh? It's probably because I haven't been doing anything remotely noteworthy, and holy crap, I need a job. Thanks, tanking economy.

I have been doing a bit of fic-writing, though. [ profile] xalexandriamis reading and betaing a fic for me currently, so hopefully a) it doesn't blow, and b) she can help me with the ending because I have this problem every time, in that, if I don't know exactly how the final scene plays out, it takes me forever to finish the fic, and then people leave sad, anxious reviews full of exclamation marks, and I feel terrible, and it makes me get more writer's block. This is why I now try not to post anything unless I've finished writing the fic first. It's probably less stressful for all involved, except maybe for Mia, who last had to beta 65 pages at a go. (*waves* Thank you, Mia.)

Anyway, in the spirit of the Halloween season, here's a drabble I wrote yesterday. I originally began it with the intention of making it a D/G, but it doesn't want to be written that way at the moment. Oh well.

Title: The Warrior
Rating: G
Characters: Ginny, George
Summary: George helps Ginny's Halloween decorations discover their true calling.

The Warrior )

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