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I'm siiick.

I've been sick for about two weeks with a cold and this is the third time I've left work early. Ugh. I hate burning through my sick leave, even though I have plenty; I just like the idea of hoarding them to the point where I could take two straight months off work if I wanted to. And I think I'm just not getting better because everyone else around me is sick too, especially the childrens who don't know how to not cough and sneeze directly on other people. Pleh.

Now I am at home in sweatpants (cue Karl Lagerfeld: "Sweatpants are a sign of defeat. You lost control of your life so you bought some sweatpants" LOL) and watching The Princess Bride, the movie that still holds up even on one's thirty-ninth viewing.

Last weekend [ profile] sarea_okelani and I went to see The King, a Korean movie about the 1% in politics in the 1990s -- a subsection of prosecutors who game the system so they can live in luxury. Though we were both impressed that it managed to make it all the way up here (and not even just LA and New York), and my current one true love Ryu Junyeol is beautiful and effective in it, it was, unlike The Princess Bride, not a great movie.

And here is why )

I've also watched the last series of Sherlock, finally. It was a slog )
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I woke up this morning with a cold. Ugh, I was just sick in the summer. Why is this happening? My immune system used to be so robust and whatnot. This is not on, body. NOT ON AT ALL. Maybe sleeping until eleven on both days of the weekend should have clued me in.

Of course, what this means, most importantly, is that I get to go first at Pandemic next. *cackles* It's the little things.

Speaking of Pandemic, there's a new expansion called In the Lab, where you have to do a bunch of science-type actions first before you can cure a disease, and it is effing difficult. We must have played at least a dozen games by now, on the beginner setting, and we still haven't won once. So disgraceful! D:

I had a dream a couple night ago about Tom Mison from Sleepy Hollow. I don't remember what happened in it, all I know now is that I ~*love*~ him. I... don't even know. He has a nice face and all, but these hearts in my eyes seem disproportionate to the two episodes I have seen of him. I've requested Jesse Eisenberg to elucidate my feelings on the matter:

 photo jesseshrugs_zps58d66425.gif
Well said, Fictional Boyfriend #7. Well said.

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Gasp, could it be? Sunny? Warm? Is spring actually here? I damn well hope so!

... Even if I have stayed inside for a good 90% of the past week. It's because [ profile] sarea_okelani lent me her Veronica Mars DVDs and I have been cruising through them over spring break. Just finished S3 yesterday and now I think I'm in VM withdrawal. Must... have... snark. *twitches*

When VM was on the air way back in the day I caught a few episodes here and there but it didn't leave much of an impression; I think I just didn't get it at the time, much like how I watched Spinal Tap back in high school but didn't appreciate it till some years later and is now one of my favourite films of all time. Now I can definitely see why VM is such a beloved series and am really happy they get to finally make their movie. (As a sidenote -- and you may throw garbage at me if you wish because plenty of people seem to want to when I admit this -- but the appeal of The Big Lebowski, which I also watched in high school and then again a few years ago, continues to elude me to this day, big time.)

It's a shame I wasn't in VM fandom back then to enjoy it with other people. It's so sad when there's no one to ship your ship with, though, of course (of course), my ship happens to be a non-canon pairing with excellent chemistry and no hope of ever happening. So if anyone happens to be a Veronica/Weevil shipper, come talk to me! Or write a ton of fic or something! I need more Weevil in my life. I mean, badass kid from the wrong side of the tracks with secret heart of gold? It's like he was created for me. :)))

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I have things to do today, so naturally I'm updating my LJ instead of doing them. I sort of feel like I have earned a little bit of slacking off, though; this is the first weekend in about a month and a half that I haven't had to spend my Saturday at school or with study groups. We have tomorrow off, too, for Presidents Day, but I still have to go to campus to do things, ugh. How sad that it's only when there's a three-day weekend that I get an actual weekend! But I have gotten to sleep in for two days straight and it's been glorious. On top of that, last night I dreamt I totally made out with Jack Whitehall. Good job, brain! o/\o

In other news, this WSJ article tickles me to no end: It Takes Planning, Caution to Avoid Being 'It' -- Group of Men Have Played Game of Tag for 23 Years; Hiding in Bushes, Cars. Doesn't that sound epically awesome? I've convinced three of my high school friends to do this with me. Hee!

In a fit of nostalgia last night I reread some of the last D/G fic I wrote, Miles to Go Before I Sleep, which I never finished because of reasons (mostly because my computer crashed and I lost a ton of notes and writings). I really wish I had finished, though... I want to know what happens! Lol. I can't believe that was almost four years ago now. Yikes. I've been in fandom for forever. I AM SO OLD.

For the friends who responded to the mail call from a couple weeks ago, I haven't forgotten! I've enveloped and taped and addressed everything, and will get it all sent out later this week!

Saw Warm Bodies last week with [ profile] sarea_okelani and [ profile] slitherhither; it was enjoyable, and followed the book fairly faithfully, though lacked some of the depth the book had. I'm not sure how much it was missed if you hadn't read the book. Also I feel a little bit frowny at Nora's casting -- not the actress herself; she did a fine job. But seriously, are there zero black actresses who could have filled the role equally well? That said, I really liked the movie overall; it's funny and fun, and the leads were great together. Nicholas Hoult, as has been established multiple times on my LJ, is such a gem; he's so expressive and I loved the way he moved as a zombie. We also saw a trailer beforehand for Jack the Giant Slayer, which looks terrible, but I may have to see it anyway because he's in it. The following Monday, a classmate mentioned that she had gone to see Warm Bodies over the weekend too, so I was all ready to go YAY, LET'S TALK ABOUT IT but then she said that it sucked and only teenagers would like it, so that was that. Thank goodness for fandom friends. :)


Nov. 23rd, 2012 08:01 pm
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Yesterday at hotpot with [ profile] sarea_okelani, we saw a guy who looked so much like Lee Min Ho. For the uninitiated among you, here is LMH's pretty, pretty face:


Omg, I could not stop staring at that guy.

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A small Agent Coulson appreciation post, because every time I watch The Avengers I love Coulson a little bit more. :)

avengers - coulson day off


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I like Shaun Evans' face:

shaun evans

Who wants to fangirl with me over his face? :)

He plays Endeavour Morse in Endeavour, which is basically the Inspector Morse origins story. For US friends, the pilot is available on the PBS Masterpiece website till the end of the month. (I say pilot, but the rest of the series hasn't actually been filmed yet. It was supposed to have been a one-off thing, but received such a strong response that ITV commissioned a full series. Hooray!)

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