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I am so happy to have Fringe back on my TV.

I am also so happy that Seth Gabel is now a series regular; saves me the distraction of having to feverishly check the guest starring credits every week for his name and then accidentally lose the plot for a second. I love my BB Lincoln, I do. I mean, check him out:

Not a very spoilery pic but cut just in case )


May. 12th, 2011 06:16 pm
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Fringe Promotes Seth Gabel to Series Regular.

A thousand times YAY! (Now, let's get Kirk Acevedo on board, too!)

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For reasons I can't comprehend, there are some people out in the internetosphere who don't like the alt!universe episodes (I worry about their mental health), but I did some poking around a few comments and forums after 3x18 aired and it seems they are coming around. And for good reason!

Listen, you did a good job, sir. Broyles would be proud. )

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Here are a few facts about Lincoln Lee.

Occupation: Fringe Division agent (See also: BAMF)
Face: Perfect
Hair: In defiance of gravity
Personality: Noble; snarky; awesome; unable to keep secrets
Hobbies: Kicking ass and taking names; being my TV boyfriend; setting the bar completely out of reach of normal, non-fictional men

In related news, I may post something more coherent about Fringe 3x18 at a later date and time when my hands are freed up from clutching my heart.

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ANNA TORV, YOU ARE FANTASTIC. Let's just give her all of the awards right now. We'll rename the Emmys after her. No, we'll just dismantle the whole awards system after she wins every available trophy in existence because she is SO GOOD and everything will be meaningless after the Anna Torv Era.

(She's amazing, you guys.)

Wee spoilers for Fringe )

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Who has two thumbs and hasn't stopped squeeing over the preview for next week's Fringe? This moi!


Feb. 27th, 2011 10:35 pm
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Hmm. Fringe doesn't do missteps, right? Is it safe to just assume there's some bigger plan for the future that makes this latest episode not a complete waste of time? Spoilers )

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Because the world needs more alt!universe icons, that's why. This batch is exclusively of the alt!team, for I love them so. It's also fairly Lincoln-heavy, because I love him most of all.


Are you happy? Then I am too. )

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I love the alt!Universe on Fringe more than our!Universe. There, I said it.

A few thoughts on 3x14 )

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Dear Fringe writers,

I ♥ you. Like, a lot.

I'd be hard-pressed to find another show as tightly written as this. The plots, even in the weaker episodes, are always engaging; the characters are wonderfully real, flaws and all (and not to mention incredibly acted all around, especially most recently by Anna Torv); the thinky, sciencey bits enhance rather than bog down the storylines; the continuity -- omg, the continuity -- is aces.

It's clear everything's been meticulously planned out from the get-go; what seem like throwaway lines in one season become major plot points in the next, but never in a way that obstructs or retcons character development. I never have to worry about whether or not an episode will be good because I have every confidence that they'll all be, and in two and a half seasons, I've not been let down yet.

A million thumbs up, you guys.


PS: You probably have everything plotted through the end of S5 by now (may the TV gods see fit to let the show run at least that long), but if there's a way we can keep Lincoln and Charlie on the show forever and ever, kindly make it so.

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