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Fic hypothetical.

If two kick-ass, modern-day, secret-agentesque protagonists somehow got themselves captured, relieved of their weapons and hog-tied to chairs with painful death imminent (after the villain is finished speechifying, obvs), how might said protagonists get out of this situation alive?

I'm not saying I'm writing this; I just want to solve it first before I write myself into a corner. I don't have enough action movies ingrained in my brain to know what to do, and I suspect the amazing power of love between the two characters is of little use. ¬¬

(Also, Merlin does not have his magic, alas.)

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So, way back when Dreamwidth first started, I set up an account there, imported all my LJ entries, and started crossposting from DW. And then I went 'meh' and used LJ exclusively just to keep things simpler for myself. Now, given LJ's recent extreme silliness, I'm thinking I may want to get my DW account more active in case LJ implodes in the future, so my question is: if I do another import, will that screw up the stuff that was already imported last year? Will all the new things just tack on like they know what they're doing? Or should I delete everything I have at DW before importing?

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Hello all, would anyone be willing to beta a Bradley/Colin fic for me? It's ~8k words and NC-17 (or possibly PG-13 depending on whether the porn is worth keeping).


Nov. 4th, 2009 01:29 pm
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It's my very first LJ poll! And it's for something totally boring!

Okay, American LJ friends who use cell phones: which company should I go with? Traditionally I don't use my cell phone often because I don't really like talking on the phone, so I'd go for the lowest rate plan, the prices of which all seem to be fairly similar across the board, so I'm looking for more in terms of good coverage and customer service, I think.

[Poll #1480799]

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