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The other day, [ profile] sarea_okelani, [ profile] slitherhither, and I decided that we were going to form our own informal book club (because real book clubs are intimidating and there's way too much pressure to be insightful), and reread the Harry Potter series again. Every other time we get together we talk about how we've forgotten so many things from our first reads (mostly me, because my memory is not even a sieve, it's a springform pan that long ago misplaced its bottom), and how we sped through the last book especially just because we needed to find out what happened next. So I've started on the first book again, to read while I'm bored at work and/or avoiding work at work.

It got me reading some of my past Draco/Ginny works again, and while there's definitely room for improvement, I'm totally enjoying some of the things I wrote years and years ago. Which is nice. I tend to go in circles of liking what I write when I write it, being really pumped when I finish and post it, and then, after all the dust has settled, thinking it was complete and utter garbage. It's nice when it comes back around to the part of the circle where I think I'm actually kind of decent at writing.

I also found deep in the recesses of my GoogleDocs a really cute D/G fic about them falling into a choose-your-own-adventure book that I was a few scenes away from finishing. Damn this short attention span and constant writer's block; if only I had finished it when I'd had the inspiration and could've posted it. It's totally adorable, lol. Alas. And the D/G fandom's so dead now; everyone's long since moved on to other fandoms, myself well included, that there's really no point in trying to spruce it up and post it, even assuming I had the time slash gumption slash writing spirit. Ah well, insert dreamy nostalgic sigh here.

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Title: Miles to Go Before I Sleep
Rating: Sorta Naughty
Summary: Convicted and incarcerated after the war, Draco is unexpectedly given a new lease on life.

Chapter: Dead Drop
Chapter summary: Draco completes his mission; Ginny has a mild existential crisis.

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Title: Miles to Go Before I Sleep
Rating: Sorta Naughty
Summary: Convicted and incarcerated after the war, Draco is unexpectedly given a new lease on life.

Chapter: Field
Chapter summary: Draco gets his first assignment.

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A few months ago I banged out what was supposed to be a sequel to Conflict Resolution. Nine and a half chapters later, I sent it to [ profile] xalexandriam, who very kindly betaed it for me, after which I decided I hated the whole thing and abandoned it. (Thankfully she was super cool about it and did not throttle me for making her do all that work for nothing.) Anyway, it's not going to see the light of day, but I thought one scene could be salvaged for a drabble, so here it is. 


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