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Here it is, folks. The last IAG icon batch until S2. And there had better be an S2 or else I shall be very put out.


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I am so sad that Improv-a-ganza ends in a week. IT'S SO GOOD, YOU GUYS. And GSN hasn't decided whether it'll make a second season and aaaauuugh. /0\

Anyway. ICONS. Of my favourite improv face. 


Don't ever challenge a banjo-wielding velociraptor. It's suicide, Amantha! )

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Back by nobody's demand, more icons of Improv-a-ganza's Jeff Davis! (What, I really like him, okay?)


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Well, this post likely won't be of interest to anyone except [ profile] accordingtomel, but I come bearing icons of Jeff B. Davis!

If you don't know who he is, the short version is this: Tall. Handsome. Hilarious. Sings. The long version is that he's an excellent improv comedian and one of the strongest players on Drew Carey's Improv-a-ganza show currently airing on GSN. I highly, HIGHLY recommend checking out the show; even if you don't have GSN, they put up full episodes and clips on their website, which are all viewable in and out of the US, so YOU HAVE NO EXCUSE. (Episode 5 is particularly good, and 11, which isn't up yet, but I laughed till it hurt last night.)

On with the icons!


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Because the world needs more alt!universe icons, that's why. This batch is exclusively of the alt!team, for I love them so. It's also fairly Lincoln-heavy, because I love him most of all.


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I've been sporadically making handfuls of icons from Merlin S3 for when [ profile] accordingtomel and I post chapters of the fic we're writing at [ profile] melting_pot_inc, but everyone is so pretty in so many scenes now I've got a lot more icons than the fic warrants, so I'll share them here for anyone who wants them. I am super lazy and won't be crossposting these anywhere, so consider this an exclusive icon dump just for you, my dear f-list. (I know, I make you feel so special, right?)

Since Merlin, Arthur and Morgana are the major characters for our fic, I've only been making icons of them -- terribly sorry, lesser characters in our fic.

Anywho, have at it, and kindly comment and credit if taking.


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Since Community is my new favourite show ever, here are some text icons. Yay!


12 text, 3 animated )

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All aboard for [ profile] lyndsiefenele's Spread Some Spring Cheer 2009 project!

Spread some spring cheer to your neighbors in LJ land. Maybe you can make some icons, or tell a fun story, write a poem, or sing a song. If you're feeling cheery, share it!

So, have some cheer, won't you?

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