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Here it is, folks. The last IAG icon batch until S2. And there had better be an S2 or else I shall be very put out.


Wipe the window, hang the freshener, let's go! )

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Please stand by for a Very Important Announcement. In 3, 2, 1...

[ profile] accordingtomel and I are having another Improv-a-ganza rewatch this Saturday at 1EST/12CST. Come and join us on the gchat! Here's what you can expect:

a) Utter hilarity
b) Possibility of (a) causing you to wet yourself
c) Guarantee of sworn secrecy if (b) takes an embarrassing turn
d) Fangirling
e) Lots of fangirling

It's quality fun! Or, "totally partyyyy!" as some might say. DM, PM, email or leave a comment for one of us for the sooper sekrit details!

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Does anyone watch Horrible Histories? It's a children's TV show about various events/practices in world history that airs on CBBC. I'd heard some good things about it, so watched the first ep of S3 today, and I found it really entertaining -- and educational. :) But the one sketch that really stuck with me was this song, for being unexpectedly sexy. OMG. (Self, wtf, it's a show for children under ten.)

And, of course, you didn't think I was going to leave you without more pimpage of Improv-a-ganza, did you? Today's sterling entry is the game Sentences, in which the audience writes whatever they want on scraps of paper, and the performers have to incorporate those sentences into their scene. Here are Ryan and Jonathan in the Ice Age:

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Guys, I'm kind of obsessed with this little show called Improv-a-ganza. I don't know if you've noticed. It's not like I've been talking incessantly about it or anything, right?

Our rewatch yesterday morning went well; super fun to revisit the episodes, AND we managed to recruit [ profile] ellasphere onto the bandwagon, even though she could only stay for an episode and a half, and [ profile] venivincere before her. We're coming for you next. Yes, YOU THERE. Haa. Mwaaahaa.

Feast your eyeballs on the guys playing a little game of Freeze Tag:

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Get ready to rock, f-list; it's Celebrate Improv-a-ganza Week here on my journal. *vuvuzelas* First off, open invitation to anyone who wants to join me and [ profile] accordingtomel in a rewatch on Saturday at noon EST/11am CST -- we will probably do three episodes. Just DM, PM, email or leave a comment for one of us for further details!

To kick things off, here are Jeff Davis and Chip Esten to regale you with a Song of the Gas Station Guy, in the form of a truly stunning '80s rock epic:


And now you should all definitely hie yourselves to [ profile] accordingtomel's wonderful, funderful IAG picspam and luxuriate in the telling of how utterly delightful this show and its players are.

Srsly, y'all need to watch this show. It will make you so happy in the face!

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Friends, Romans, countrymen, for the love of all things wonderful and hilarious, you must watch these videos from Improv-a-ganza. Seriously, these improv comedians are so lightning quick, it is mind-boggling. They are awesome in every sense of the word. And when you have finally stopped laughing five minutes later and reattached your jaw, watch the show's reruns on GSN. And then when you're properly hooked, do us all a solid and email GSN to ask them to please, pretty please, renew the show. They haven't decided whether they want to yet, and IT IS KILLING ME.


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I am so sad that Improv-a-ganza ends in a week. IT'S SO GOOD, YOU GUYS. And GSN hasn't decided whether it'll make a second season and aaaauuugh. /0\

Anyway. ICONS. Of my favourite improv face. 


Don't ever challenge a banjo-wielding velociraptor. It's suicide, Amantha! )

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Back by nobody's demand, more icons of Improv-a-ganza's Jeff Davis! (What, I really like him, okay?)


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Well, this post likely won't be of interest to anyone except [ profile] accordingtomel, but I come bearing icons of Jeff B. Davis!

If you don't know who he is, the short version is this: Tall. Handsome. Hilarious. Sings. The long version is that he's an excellent improv comedian and one of the strongest players on Drew Carey's Improv-a-ganza show currently airing on GSN. I highly, HIGHLY recommend checking out the show; even if you don't have GSN, they put up full episodes and clips on their website, which are all viewable in and out of the US, so YOU HAVE NO EXCUSE. (Episode 5 is particularly good, and 11, which isn't up yet, but I laughed till it hurt last night.)

On with the icons!


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