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Have I ever told you guys about my superpower? It is the greatest, and by "the greatest" I mean the most disgusting affliction known to mankind. Let me elaborate.

Listen, I will eat a lot of things. Among the people you know, I am very likely at least in the top three of the most adventurous eaters. Fish eyes, pig's ears, every innard available -- they all go happily down my gullet. However, I do draw the line at insects. I mean, all the power in the world to you if you have no problem with them, but I do. I find them repulsive in every way. Which is probably why they manage to worm their way into my food with amazing frequency. ([ profile] sarea_okelani will tell you the look on my face when I found, on separate occasions, a caterpillar in my ramen and a beetle in my spinach salad.)

A few days ago, I was out buying cleaning supplies for washing my walls (for repainting; omg, the walls look so good now - pictures forthcoming, once I properly unpack all my worldly crap) and for my troubles, I thought I'd treat myself to a taro milk tea. A lovely plan, and foiled incontrovertibly by the fact that IT CAME WITH A COCKROACH IN IT.

Let's let that sink in. A COCKROACH.

Sarea and I are heading down to LA for a little bit (to visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, YESSSS) and meet up with [ profile] jade_okelani, who is now reconsidering eating meals with us (me). Lol. It is, sadly, my curse and my cross to bear.
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A kind soul left a very complimentary comment on one of my Bradley/Colin fics on AO3 today, which got me to reading a couple of my old Merlin fics. There is something so strange about knowing with a hundred percent certainty you strung all those words together into a story and yet thinking, omg I wrote that?, because some of it was actually quite good?? And yet if I were to sit down and write that very same story today, it might well suck a big toe. Is it because I'm out of practice -- after all, in my most active days of fandom, I'd churned out something like a fic a month, and now I put out a story once a year, if that -- or did I already peak as a writer several years ago without anyone telling me?

I'm not necessarily looking for an answer; the thought just comes up every so often. And I do cycle through periods where the last thing I wrote is what I consider my best, and then a few months later, I reread it and think it's hot garbage, and then several months (or years) after that, on further reread, think perhaps it might be a worthy effort after all.

So I guess what this all means is that my opinion can't be trusted. Oop.

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All hail the weekend! I gave myself the day off, didn't set the alarm, and didn't do anything school-related except pay my membership dues for our professional association. Tomorrow I shall hunker down and try to power through some journal articles and, with [ profile] slitherhither's help, hopefully not tear my hair out over it. Fingers crossed!

I also made chocolate chip cookies this afternoon. Bad idea, I've already had four...

NaBloPoMo question: Who is your favorite villain? I'm having a very tough time with this one! I'm tempted to say Draco, but he wasn't, really. So I will shamelessly steal [ profile] jandjsalmon's pick of Sherlock's Moriarty. I mean, that one's pretty difficult to argue, right?

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I woke up this morning with a cold. Ugh, I was just sick in the summer. Why is this happening? My immune system used to be so robust and whatnot. This is not on, body. NOT ON AT ALL. Maybe sleeping until eleven on both days of the weekend should have clued me in.

Of course, what this means, most importantly, is that I get to go first at Pandemic next. *cackles* It's the little things.

Speaking of Pandemic, there's a new expansion called In the Lab, where you have to do a bunch of science-type actions first before you can cure a disease, and it is effing difficult. We must have played at least a dozen games by now, on the beginner setting, and we still haven't won once. So disgraceful! D:

I had a dream a couple night ago about Tom Mison from Sleepy Hollow. I don't remember what happened in it, all I know now is that I ~*love*~ him. I... don't even know. He has a nice face and all, but these hearts in my eyes seem disproportionate to the two episodes I have seen of him. I've requested Jesse Eisenberg to elucidate my feelings on the matter:

 photo jesseshrugs_zps58d66425.gif
Well said, Fictional Boyfriend #7. Well said.

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I had a Merlin dream last night; it was like watching an episode, only I was plotting it and rearranging scenes and thinking the whole time that I must remember everything when I wake up because it would make a fantastic fic. It probably wouldn't have, of course, and I don't recall very much of the dream after all, but I do find it a bit impertinent of my subconscious to be having a better imagination than I do. Rhubarb rhubarb rhubarb.

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Christmas cards are done and they all went out in the mail yesterday! Whee! I am so accomplished. :)

A huge thank you to everyone who sent me snowflake cookies; I feel so loved, you guys. And also hungry for cookies. And because I can and love to foist my fandom tastes on others, have a very tenuously-related Arrested Development quote.

Michael: You know, the feeling that you're feeling is just what many of us call... a "feeling".
Gob: It's not like envy, or even hungry.
Michael: Could it be love?
Gob: I know what an erection feels like, Michael.

Happy December, everybody!

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