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And the winner for weirdest question I've been asked in recent memory goes to the gentleman who approached me and Sarea at our table last weekend while we were playing Pandemic.

Man: "Excuse me, can I ask you a question?"
Adelagia: "... Okay."
Man: "I want to buy a ring for my girlfriend, and you have about the same size hands as she does. What ring size are you?"

Adelagia: [watches as he ambles away] "Well, that's going on LJ."

Adelagia: "Is there even a jewellery store here?"
Sarea: "You think that's the hole in his story??"

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Hey guys, Debbie Downer here. I understand Julian Murphy has been saying some surprisingly nice M/A-centric things about our ship in the DVD commentaries, which is cool, but... I don't get it.

Okay, I'll be the first to admit that I hold grudges for eternity and beyond, so the fact that this guy once (at least once) openly ridiculed M/A shippers for their M/A shipping probably colours my reaction right now. I know lots of you are really excited and happy about this, and hey, go for it. I'm actually kind of sad that I can't be squeeful with you, because this fandom has given me so many squees over the past few years.

I don't know; I haven't actually heard the commentaries. Maybe he sounds sincere in them. Did he realize, after five full seasons, that they were actually writing an epic love story between Merlin and Arthur after all? After five full seasons of publicly denying ANY homosexual undertones and calling M/A shippers delusional? Or did he and the other J's know all along, and they just weren't brave enough to say? I just... I don't understand. It feels too little too late for me. :(

What. No.

Dec. 23rd, 2011 11:49 am
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I've been casually reading the comments threads at the latest LJ news release and found a bunch of people complaining that their accounts had been set to Autopay without their consent. So, just to be safe, I checked mine. Lo and behold.

I have never agreed to use autopayments before on LJ. And yet, there it was, bright and bushy-tailed and ready to charge my credit card, which should not have been stored on the site in the first place because I DON'T USE AUTOPAY.

Check your accounts, dudes.


Feb. 27th, 2011 10:35 pm
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Hmm. Fringe doesn't do missteps, right? Is it safe to just assume there's some bigger plan for the future that makes this latest episode not a complete waste of time? Spoilers )

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