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Happy new year, everybody! Let's ring it in (a couple days late, whatever) with a hysterical Funny or Die video that I couldn't figure out how to embed, shall we? Especially good for Downton Abbey fans. :)))

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Does Katy Perry's Firework ever make anyone else cry on a regular basis? It always seems to come on when I've had a bad day and am thinking unkind things about myself, and I'm pretty sure it's supposed to be an uplifting song, but invariably I end up sitting in traffic, wailing at the radio, "But Katy, I can't."

No? Okay.

This really made me laugh, though: Graduate School Barbie -- comes in two forms: Delusional Master’s Barbie (TM) and Ph.D. Masochist Barbie (TM). *snorts* I feel you, girlfriend.

Also, One Direction has a new single out, and it's really good. I'm not just saying that because I like 1D; in all honesty, I think a couple of their songs are total lyrical crap -- I've still never gotten over the weird ickiness of the line from Gotta Be You, which goes, "Girl, what a mess I made upon your innocence," and just no -- but Story of My Life is lovely. Have a listen, won't you?

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On [ profile] gealach_ros's enthusiastic rec, I watched the pilot of Sleepy Hollow today. It's fairly solid; I'm interested in seeing more. The special effects aren't great, but whatever; if I had a bar for good SFX I'd have never made it past Merlin S1. Anyway, I really like Abbie. She's kick-ass. Ichabod Crane is fine so far (and also fine); the little, befuddled reactions he has to being in the 21st century are very amusing.

My shoulders hurt like hell, on account of having to carry my 500lb. laptop around everyday. It's pretty much neck-and-neck right now with stress to see which one will fell me first. A couple of days ago, one of our professors took one look at the class and expressed genuine concern about how worn out we all looked. It's the second week of school. Gah.

Let me expound instead on the 1D This is Us movie. [ profile] accordingtomel and I went on the first day of public school, which meant that the theatre was almost completely empty. Two fellow ancient fangirls sat a few rows in front of us, and that was it. Good times! As for the film itself, it was forgettable. I mean, listen, I will gladly watch the 1D boys gambol about for hours on end -- they are truly hysterical, precious little peanuts -- but as a documentary, especially a documentary directed by someone of Morgan Spurlock's caliber, it was underwhelming. It was all very superficial and kind of staged, full of soundbites we've heard before. Meh.

The best part about the movie existing was basically that the theatre had a life-sized promotional stand that you could take a picture with. When the DG girls went to see City of Bones a couple weeks before, [ profile] sarea_okelani went in first to grab seats for us while we waited for everyone to arrive. I was standing out by the ticketing area, and suddenly I heard her hollering at me that the 1D stand was in there, so naturally I abandoned the other girls to get all up in there. There was a space for you to stand, and Liam with his elbow out as if leaning chummily on you. I am very short; it pretty much looked like he was about to knock my head off. (Sadly, by the time Mel got into town, the stand was gone.) Here's a picture:

 photo dfc6ac68-2048-45cf-a042-a6de2f6f447a_zpse098f2cc.jpg

That's obviously not me, as I'm pretty sure I'm not a distinguished English actor. (I checked.) You can imagine me in Ian McKellen's place if you'd like, but honestly, why would you want to?

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A small Agent Coulson appreciation post, because every time I watch The Avengers I love Coulson a little bit more. :)

avengers - coulson day off


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I has a cold. What happened to you, immune system? You used to be cool.

Eventually I will get some trip pictures up (it was lovely and waaarm), but for now, entertain yourself with these hilarious reviews on Amazon UK about a Bic pen. :)))

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It's been one of those days where everything is stupid and rrr and cry. Who the eff invented PMS? *shakes fist*

However, instead of wallowing all over your friends page, I'm going to share some things from a folder I keep on my desktop called 'For Poopy Days'. It is a folder of pictures I've collected from the internets that make me laugh and aww; sometimes it actually works. Come and join me in laughing and awwing, won't you? :)

Picspam ahoy! )

There. Doesn't everyone feel happier now? :)

Also I just have to mention this for [ profile] elle_blessing's sake, because she is fabulous and secretly evil: Selena Gomez's Love You Like a Love Song -- kind of really good. My replay button appears to be stuck. Damn it, Elle!

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