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Well, this post likely won't be of interest to anyone except [ profile] accordingtomel, but I come bearing icons of Jeff B. Davis!

If you don't know who he is, the short version is this: Tall. Handsome. Hilarious. Sings. The long version is that he's an excellent improv comedian and one of the strongest players on Drew Carey's Improv-a-ganza show currently airing on GSN. I highly, HIGHLY recommend checking out the show; even if you don't have GSN, they put up full episodes and clips on their website, which are all viewable in and out of the US, so YOU HAVE NO EXCUSE. (Episode 5 is particularly good, and 11, which isn't up yet, but I laughed till it hurt last night.)

On with the icons!


Trumpet solo! )


Feb. 27th, 2011 10:35 pm
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Hmm. Fringe doesn't do missteps, right? Is it safe to just assume there's some bigger plan for the future that makes this latest episode not a complete waste of time? Spoilers )

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I love the alt!Universe on Fringe more than our!Universe. There, I said it.

A few thoughts on 3x14 )

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Why is gas so expensiiiive? D:

Met up with [ profile] lyndsiefenele and [ profile] sarea_okelani yesterday to see No Strings Attached, which was enjoyable enough. By no means a cinemastic masterpiece, but it was cute and had a few funny moments, so that pretty much meets my expectations for romcoms. I didn't understand the point of Cary Elwes' character, though I'm not complaining, as I am always happy to see Cary Elwes. Incidentally, why don't I have any Princess Bride icons?

Sarea also passed me S1 and S2 of Misfits, which I am tres excited to watch, since everybody seems to love it.

PBS is currently airing Downton Abbey; I missed the first couple of episodes, so am catching up at the Masterpiece website. I'm in the middle of what I think is originally ep 4 (PBS squishes the eps together to make one hour-and-a-half episode), and here be spoilers )

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