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Reposting this from eons ago to pimp the Paper Legends CHEERLEADER REQUEST POST. If you're a writer and you'd like someone to cheer you on while you compose your masterpiece, head on over! Perhaps you will find a cheerleader as motivational as wee Merlin here.

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It's [ profile] paperlegends' final year! Go all out, folks. Give her the send-off she deserves!

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Get ready to rock, f-list; it's Celebrate Improv-a-ganza Week here on my journal. *vuvuzelas* First off, open invitation to anyone who wants to join me and [ profile] accordingtomel in a rewatch on Saturday at noon EST/11am CST -- we will probably do three episodes. Just DM, PM, email or leave a comment for one of us for further details!

To kick things off, here are Jeff Davis and Chip Esten to regale you with a Song of the Gas Station Guy, in the form of a truly stunning '80s rock epic:


And now you should all definitely hie yourselves to [ profile] accordingtomel's wonderful, funderful IAG picspam and luxuriate in the telling of how utterly delightful this show and its players are.

Srsly, y'all need to watch this show. It will make you so happy in the face!

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originally drawn for [ profile] the_muppet


[ profile] paperlegends sign-ups open on February 1st. HOORAY \0/ That is already TODAY for some of you! Get cracking, everybody! SQUEE. :D

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Hello Merlin fans! Remember when our little show that could was full of happy, silly, innocent OT4 fun and nobody was trying to kill each other? Well, [ profile] glimmergirl is hosting an S1 fest at her LJ -- post fic, gifs, picspams, whatever strikes your fancy to celebrate S1 nostalgia.

Old School Merlin Fest


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Good morning, Merlin fans! As there has been no indication as to whether [ profile] boxofmagic will be running again this year, [ profile] the_muppet is trying to gauge interest for a new Merlin big bang comm. So, whether you'd like to contribute in any way -- writing, reading, website help, making arts -- or have no interest whatsoever, please head this-a-way to partake in her poll/discussion.


Mar. 6th, 2010 11:14 am
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First round of voting for Fandom Steel Cage Match March Madness is on, you guys. (Go and vote for Merlin! I can't have Mal Reynolds screwing up my bracket!)

[ profile] f_march_madness

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I AM SICK. Cough, sneeze, BOOOO.

In less sniffly news, I made out like a bandit today at Goodwill -- found myself four Terry Pratchett books I haven't read yet! Big thanks to the foolish fools who decided to give away their good books. Also picked up Hugh Laurie's The Gun Seller and a Sherlock Holmes collection. Whee! I love it when I have no more space for books and have to pile them all over. It makes me feel homey and happy.

Also, YOU GUYS, Fandom Steel Cage Match March Madness is back! Check it:

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[ profile] pandarus has been so awesome as to record a podfic of Fools of Us All. Give it a listen here (3 versions available -- m4b, m4a, mp3) and leave her some love!

Also, for the writers and artists out there -- [ profile] teenwitch77 is heading up a new quarterly online magazine Ricochet that's accepting short stories, poetry, photography and art submissions right now. Give it a looksee; get yourself published! :)

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Totally blowing my wad here with all my fancy new shiny Christmas icons on every post. But this one's actually related to the content of the post! Just a PSA for Doctor Who fans who may not be in the know. Which you probably all are, because everyone's better at the internet than me. (Except my mother, who recently asked me to help her get on Facebook and friended me and then went and read all my wall posts and things, and it weirded me out a tiny little bit.)


Next week's episode of Never Mind The Buzzcocks (Dec 16, 10pm on BBC2) is going to be a Doctor Who special, with David Tennant hosting, and Catherine Tate and Bernard Cribbins (Donna Noble's awesome grandfather Wilf) as participants and holy crap I'm excited for this. I love it when my favourite things collide.

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