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  •  Last Saturday I didn't have time to get on LJ and it's only snowballed from there to skip=infinity million, so I'm sorry if I've missed anything important. Point me to it!
  • Thank you to [ profile] 13oct for the lovely postcard! It looks gorgeous over there, ohhh.
  • A couple of days ago we went blueberry picking (the season has only just begun, thanks to crappy summer weather; seriously what is up with these temperatures?), and at one point a child got slightly lost among all the bushes and called out for her mother, and the mother went, "I'm over here; just follow the sound of my voice." I very nearly followed up with "Coliiin... Follow my voice, Colin..." but nobody would've understood. Need more RL Merlin friends, obvs.
  • The second artist request post has gone up at [ profile] paperlegends; give it a looksee if you may be able to help out!
  • Considering the kind of debilitating, why-do-I-even-bother dry spells I go through with my writing, I shall take it as a major win that I managed about two thousand words this week. It's sort of a drop in the ocean of a massive fic (it's going to be epic, watch out), but every bit counts, I suppose!
  • Drumroll... IT'S SHARK WEEK. \0/

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Was recently just telling someone that I can't bring myself to overlook incorrect dialogue punctuation or blatant misspellings, no matter how popular or well-recced a fic is, though I vaguely recall a time when stuff like that didn't bother me as much (misuse of your/you're, however, has always, always felt like a sucker-punch to the soul); I think this may be due to doing the submission queue at FIA for a few years now, and now that I'm a lot more finely attuned to catching SpaG mistakes I see them everywhere. Which is much worse when it's an actual, published book rather than a fic.

Which brings me to: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. )

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Boggle! On the internet! Woohoo!

(I know it's probably been around a while, but a lot of things are new to me when it comes to the internet.)

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Well, nothing very exciting has been happening in my life lately (although today I did walk past a man who puked on the sidewalk, and then happily carried on his way, sipping a can of beer through a straw), and it's been a little while since I last posted, so I thought I'd rec something (that possibly no one else would be interested in): Wil Wheaton's blog.

I've never watched him in anything besides Criminal Minds, and that was actually the reason I started reading his blog in the first place, as I'd heard he did an extensive write-up on his experiences on the set for the creepy episode Paradise, which aired last October. (CM fans, if you're interested in that bit of behind-the-scenes goodness, the first installment is here.) I've been keeping up with the blog ever since; he's pretty much a full-time nerd, and while he often posts about things I generally have no interest in, like Comicons or Dungeons & Dragons or video games, I wind up enjoying the posts a lot anyway, as he's a pretty remarkable and relatable storyteller.

So, if you have some time to spare and/or waste, go check it out!

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