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So much for a fun snow day. Here I was envisioning a day of relaxation and resting up to get rid of my stupid cold (and possibly even vacuuming), but no. Of course that wouldn't happen. Because of course the power at my condo had to go out. It's been out for ten hours and counting now, with no ETA from the electric company as to when it'll be restored.

Thankfully, I could charge my phone in my car, and once the roads were cleared, my parents came to get me (they don't trust that I can drive in winter conditions and they're probably correct, as I can barely drive properly in fully clement weather). Now I am warm, with electricity, and with wi-fi at my parents' house. Huzzah!

Here's to hoping that the power will come back soon and no pipes get frozen and maybe another school closure for the one I didn't even get to enjoy. Lol.

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EXCITING: I've been accepted to my top choice grad school. Eeeee.

POO: A bunch of my friends from my current program weren't accepted by this school. It's hard to be truly happy when they are sad, and when I know that after this summer I might not ever see them again.

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Okay, so Steve Thompson has redeemed himself somewhat for the oozing pile of crap last year that was The Blind Banker. Sherlock 2x03 -- LOVED IT.

Other spoilery but not very coherent thoughts:

Just one more miracle... )

Why is S2 already over? Can S3 just start next week please?


Nov. 29th, 2011 09:49 pm
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Very recently, [ profile] phoenixacid mentioned the Korean drama Coffee Prince to me, so I went to look it up. And then I found out that there are DOZENS of subbed Korean dramas freely available on Hulu. Oh god, you guys. I do not have the time to get into these things. This is a terrible discovery.

(But also awesome.)

(But also terrible.)


Mar. 15th, 2011 11:46 am
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I am on Twitter now. /0\ I could have resisted this platform forever, if not for Bradley James, curse his adorable and ridiculous face. Random people started following me the day I set up my account, which weirded me out, but then they realized their mistake and left, haa. Who are you all on there? I should like to expand my lurking circle.


Mar. 2nd, 2011 09:51 am
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How can White Collar's season finale be next week already? It's only March! MARCH!

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