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Originally written as comment!fic for [personal profile] the_muppet, this is speculation about what the boys will be doing instead of attending Expo this month. Composed entirely of silly fluff and contains not a shred of truth.


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I think all the Merlin fans on my f-list know Colin was taken to hospital a couple days ago but thankfully came out okay, though I still feel a little anxious about him and need him to be well taken care of, hence today's drive-by drabble. Thank you to [personal profile] the_muppetfor not looking at me funny when I foisted this on her without warning. :)

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Title: Five Times Colin Fell In Love With Bradley (the Bradley James version)
Summary: (See above.)
Rating: PG-13
Word count: ~ 7,300
Disclaimer: Everything contained herein is purely fictional, and should be taken seriously by absolutely no one.
Notes: A million thanks to jandjsalmon for looking this over for me and putting her stamp of approval on it. Special thanks also to the_muppet, who's been an endless font of patient encouragement, and without whom this fic wouldn't exist.

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