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Late to the party as usual, I've only just found out about the dick move Photobucket made recently (i.e., restrict photo embedding anywhere unless you pony up $400), so I have hundreds of pictures here on LJ that need to be uploaded elsewhere and then re-embedded. That's assuming I want to go through the trouble... Granted, much of it is really old and nobody but me will look at it, but I'm very partial to my nostalgia. A lot of those pictures accompany blog posts about trips I've taken that I like to relive from time to time. Ugh. Why you gotta make life so difficult, Photobucket?? Though, given the customer backlash, life is probably pretty difficult for Photobucket right now, too. Which is well-deserved. Badly done, Photobucket. Badly done.

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So much for a fun snow day. Here I was envisioning a day of relaxation and resting up to get rid of my stupid cold (and possibly even vacuuming), but no. Of course that wouldn't happen. Because of course the power at my condo had to go out. It's been out for ten hours and counting now, with no ETA from the electric company as to when it'll be restored.

Thankfully, I could charge my phone in my car, and once the roads were cleared, my parents came to get me (they don't trust that I can drive in winter conditions and they're probably correct, as I can barely drive properly in fully clement weather). Now I am warm, with electricity, and with wi-fi at my parents' house. Huzzah!

Here's to hoping that the power will come back soon and no pipes get frozen and maybe another school closure for the one I didn't even get to enjoy. Lol.

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The LJ header is telling me I have a message in my inbox but there is nothing there, and frankly, it's driving me a little bit mad. It doesn't take much, really.

Every time new people start working at my go-to Starbucks, I have to teach them how to charge for my drink. And it's not like I'm one of those double tall nonfat seven pump sugar-free extra-hot caramel macchiato no whip people; my drink is quite literally just tea and steamed milk. Different baristas will charge anywhere between $2.35 and $4.00 for it. I think the lesson here is to stop wasting money on Starbucks tea.

I was about ready to give up on Marvel's Agents of Shield after about three episodes, but this past week's episode was better, so I'll stick around yet. I'm warming up to the tech nerds, but the resident recalcitrant hot agent dude still does nothing for me and the snarky girl with Secret Past and Seemingly Nefarious Purposes (But Not Really) is fun but too paint-by-numbers prototypical. Also going for AOS is that it's one of the only shows I've been watching when it actually airs on TV because that's a good time for me to get on the treadmill, and basically I only have time/energy to exercise once a week, so if I cut it from my viewing schedule I'm liable to never exercise again, lol.

In music news, I'm really liking Olly Murs' Dance with Me Tonight. It's fun and upbeat; reminds me a bit of Bruno Mars' Marry You. When it comes on my iTunes, I literally have to stop everything to sing along.



May. 23rd, 2013 10:43 am
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I've occasionally grumped about how fan artists are perfectly within bounds to make commissions off their artworks while fanfic writers have never been allowed anything of the sort, like some ugly stepsister kept in the attic. But when Amazon announced this morning that they're now in the business of selling fanfiction, it felt intuitively wrong to me. Right now, Amazon only has access to a portion of WB's rights (series like The Vampire Diaries and Pretty Little Liars), but that's not to say more companies won't eventually join the fray if there's money to be made.

As a long-time fic writer, I've never expected to make any profit off what I've written (heck, I barely expect to make anything off my novel). The complaint mentioned above is more to do with the legitimization of creative fan productions than anything monetary. I write because I love to write, I read fanfic because I love the universes created and the wonderful paths on which fandom takes them.

Let me preface what I'm about to say with: I like Amazon in general. I buy lots of stuff off them and I use their Kindle platform to sell my book. It's been fine. But. Getting their corporate fingers into fanfic is icky. Fandom, and by extension fanfic, isn't about money, it's about creating something from stuff you enjoy for the sheer love of it, and it's about creating something for people who share that joy.

Aside from that, the way in which Amazon is going about this business is problematic in itself. I'll let John Scalzi enumerate the ways in which this is going to suck (and far more eloquently than I could), but basically it comes down to this: Amazon will let fanfic writers sell fanfic for royalties that amount to a pittance, hold the rights to anything original that the writer comes up with, and make a profit off those original elements without any compensation to the writer. Plus, Amazon gets to decide, with very vague language, what is and isn't acceptable as 'offensive' material -- I'm just going to go out on a limb here and guess that all our lovely porn isn't going to make the grade. Ha.

The thing is, I'm all for making fanfiction more mainstream. We've been living a long time with fanfic writers stereotyped as sweaty nerds living in our mother's basement or screaming teenage girls with no grip on reality, even though -- obviously preaching to the choir here -- fandom is made up of fantastic, kind, imaginative people. The perception of us should change, but what we do shouldn't. And especially not because a corporate giant who doesn't understand fandom tells us to.

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