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Presenting: Horrible Histories mood theme, inclusive of all three series, featuring current main cast.
Possible caveat: I am pretty partial to Jim Howick, and it shows.





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Download the zip file HERE at Mediafire. Kindly comment and credit if taking; thank you! And do let me know if the file needs to be re-uploaded!

ETA: Whoops, I forgot to include the code in the download file! A thousand apologies. Here's the code you can copy and paste into notepad, and if you need a tutorial on how to install mood themes, [ profile] snubbly has a great one HERE.

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I've been working on making my own Horrible Histories mood theme this past week, which of course has meant rewatching all three series. It's been a delight! I'd forgotten how much this sketch made me laugh the first time around:

Also, finally got a chance to listen to the Penny Dreadfuls' most recent radio play Revolution. I've recced them before for their Victorian Brothers Faversham series, and was really excited about this new one. It doesn't disappoint. As before, the writing is sharp and snappy and knee-slappingly hilarious, and while they are brilliant at putting cracky spins on history, they don't simply rely on their humour to sell the story either. Set during the Reign of Terror, Revolution imagines the undocumented conversation between Robespierre and Marie Therese -- Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette's daughter -- at one point in her imprisonment; the jokes come fast and furious, but there's still enough emotional breathing space for the anguish, anger and confusion surrounding the French Revolution to come through.

If it makes you more inclined to check them out, the Dreadfuls are Edinburgh Festival Fringe winners, and Humphrey Ker, one third of the group, just won Best Newcomer for his solo show at this year's festival. So, there you go. They're really good, you guys.

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I've been neglectful about bashing you over the head with how awesome Horrible Histories is. My apologies, and due rectification: a song about Aztec religious rituals that had me simultaneously weirded out and mesmerized.

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Danger, Will Robinson! I'm about to get as in-your-face about Horrible Histories as I have been Improv-a-ganza because this:

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Does anyone watch Horrible Histories? It's a children's TV show about various events/practices in world history that airs on CBBC. I'd heard some good things about it, so watched the first ep of S3 today, and I found it really entertaining -- and educational. :) But the one sketch that really stuck with me was this song, for being unexpectedly sexy. OMG. (Self, wtf, it's a show for children under ten.)

And, of course, you didn't think I was going to leave you without more pimpage of Improv-a-ganza, did you? Today's sterling entry is the game Sentences, in which the audience writes whatever they want on scraps of paper, and the performers have to incorporate those sentences into their scene. Here are Ryan and Jonathan in the Ice Age:

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